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Project Management

Design, from the first glance at the logo until the transaction is made and the client is acquired, should be a coherent experience from start to finish. For that to happen a brand must maintain a consistent look throughout. That is a goal that is hard to achieve when several different agencies are involved, which is why I offer a wide range of services.

Web design and SEO Optimization

There might be more and more empty store-fronts every time you walk down the main street of your town, yet the web sphere is constantly growing. There is a perfectly good reason for that phenomenon — why pay rent and hire staff when you can run the same operation from the comfort of your own home? Internet is the perfect tool for that.


It is most important to set the tone for the interaction from the very first glance. Whether it is the store-front, flyer or a business card — logo is one of the first things a potential customer sees. Like a royal regal it is meant to ring and resonate and epitomize brand's purpose and goals. For a designer it is one of the hardest tasks.

Stationery / Print

With my design I aim to engage every one of the viewers' senses. We genuinely believe that visual qualities of work are just as important as tangible. Therefore the choice of paper and ink take the close second, after the logo, in the hierarchy of identity and stationery design.


Perfect for any type of business, from small start-ups to large and established ones, I am happy to do studio shoots as well as come to any location you may require. With a large selection of all necessary equipment and backdrop utilities I promise to capture any subject in the best light.


Though stock photography and graphic services offer a lot of imagery to choose from, sometimes the client feels like they need a little extra to stand out on contemporary and competitive commercial scene. I therefore offer a variety of fine art and illustration services.